Are you one of many who were dreaming of visiting Greece this summer? Are you thinking of changing or cancelling your plans? Unfortunately we are all sharing that same feeling. Life will go on. We will travel again. Soon. Until that time, we all must follow the guidelines that we have been given in order to get out of this situation the soonest possible. 

We are aware that travelling may not be a priority at the moment, but you can still dream of untold stories of travelling. Now is the perfect time to dream of where you want to travel.

Here are the top 10 list on what you should:

  1. Learn about the Greek islands! Then make al list of the top 5 islands that you would like to visit. Share your top 5 dream islands on your social media accounts, tagging #lctop5greece
  2. Spend some time learning Greek. Kalimera, parakalo, efxaristo, eisai poly omorfos, thelo souvlaki… Download an application that will help you learn the Greek language.
  3. What is your favourite Greek recipe? Follow the most famous Greek chef Akis Petretzikis ( to learn more about the Greek cuisine.
  4. Read everything about your favorite island.
  5. Make a bucket list of museums, festivals and events you would like to attend when the world is back on track. Listing your favourite beaches, taverns, and bars is also a great pastime.
  6. Organize your old travel photos and create albums per destination. Share them with your co-travelers. 
  7. Chat with your travel buddies and share ideas, articles, and memes about travelling in the Age of Quarantine.
  8. Watch some great Greek films.
  9. Listen to some Greek Music. Start from  Try to learn the lyrics. Why not? We have plenty of time!
  10. How about Greek Mythology? Read the Odyssey again and learn more about the myth of Perseus and Serifos.
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